Experience the oldest method of sterilization with the newest technology made by Amir Machine – Tube & Tube Pasteurizer

Tube & Tube

Pasteurizing is used in food industry to destroy pathogenic microorganisms and pollutions and the machine that does this process is pasteurizer. In food industry pasteurizer is used for a wide range of products like milk, tomato paste, juices, concentrates and fruit purees . This machine heats the products to a specified temperature and after keeping the heat for a specified time, cools it. This process will result destroying pathogenic microorganisms. For more information about Tube & Tube Pasteurizer and offering you can contact our experts.
In this method we heat the products to 90 centigrade degrees and then package them. This method can be used for products with PH lower than 4.6 (Products like juices , sauces and pastes, fruits purees, … )

Amir Machine Pasteurizer

Shell & Tube method was used for hot filling in past, which had lots disadvantages.The modern technology for hot filling is Tube & Tube Pasteurizer. This machine is formed by 4 all steel tubes which they are inside each other. Product and hot water flow through them.In this machine product will be shaped to thin film and hot water will surround it. (not contact due to Tube & Tube Technology) This method causes heating product in a very steady way and it results highest quality. There are special mixers inside tubes for mixing product. In this method with just one crossing of product through the pasteurizer tubes, it will achieve 90 centigrade degrees. So taste and color of product will be kept. This machine is manufactured in two capacity of 5 and 7 tons per hour.Equipped by CIP pump for full washing of machine. All in contact parts of machine are made by 316 steel and other parts are made by 304 steel.