How does an evaporator work? Get more familiar with Falling Film Evaporator

Falling Film Evaporator

In a FFE (Tomato paste production line) tomato juice will enter the machine in vacuum condition. Vacuum condition is necessary for eliminating oxygen and other microorganisms interference. Following previous stage, tomato juice which has a pre-heat will be heated, cooked and prepared by non-contact water steam. Water steam is in isolated parts of machine and spreads the heat to all necessary spots. In old and traditional methods, tomato paste durability decreased so much due to cooking in a not isolated condition. Quality standards were not acceptable according to new hygienic rules and many benefits of tomato were eliminating from production due to direct usage of fire.This method has so much benefits. One of them is being full automated and eliminating human interference. Human interference will always affect hygienic conditions and causes contamination of production.
tomato paste production line
tomato paste production line
Beside hygienic conditions, being full automated has two more benefits. It reduces human resources and their costs and speed of production will increase impressively. The final result is price reduction for customer.
But it's benefits is not finished yet. All process stages we explained about, will keep production nutrients. In tomato paste , vitamins like A, K, C, B group and minerals like potassium, Manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, fibers , proteins and organic compounds like lycopene which are so useful and necessary for our health will be kept in aseptic process. Also color, taste and smell of tomato will be safe. While in other methods this would not be achieved.
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FFE method in tomato paste production line

Using FFE method in tomato paste production is somehow new. This method has lower power consumption compared to Forced method (Cold Crushed method). Thin film of production free fall on heated surface results 4 times more absorption of heating and flash against forced method and it makes FFE method economical. Our machine uses injecting method for vacuum in FFE. This is our exclusive method which makes our FFE more economical among others with higher production quality in color and other important facts.