Mono Fan Horizontal Autoclave – after packaging sterilization solutions

Mono Fan Autoclave

It's a machine designed and manufactured by Amir Machine which uses steam for heating sterilization process and due to modern design and high-tech equipment it can sterilized and pasteurized a wide range of packaging containers including cans, glasses and plastic bags and different types of productions like meat and herbal products. For more information about this machine and prices contact us.
This machine controls the pressure and temperature continuously with high safety standards. First, products are arranged in baskets and then baskets are put in autoclave. Door will be closed and locked by pneumatic cylinders automatically.
This machine has PLC unit and high-tech actuators and sensors that gives the machine the ability of controlling processes. For example 2 bar pressure and 100 centigrade degrees for 5 minutes will be applied to the products by PLC unit and pneumatic valves. For better application a rotary fan is used inside the autoclave. Cooling stage will be executed with fully controlled temperature gradient. Automation of cooling stage is so important to keep cans, glass bottles, sensitive aluminium containers, flexible pockets and plastic bags safe and not harmed.

Autoclave specifications:

  • Standard Dimensions: 160 cm diameter – 5 meters length – 4 baskets with capacity of 6000 500 grams cans.
  • Maximum working pressure is customized by client offer.
  • Maximum Applicable pressure is customized by client offer.
  • Equipped by cooling system.
  • Equipped by control and monitoring unit.
  • Equipped by smart control on correct application of temperature sensing units.
  • Sterile method is customized by client.